About Us

Dedicated to clients, committed to community

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers was founded to “To provide leadership that promotes the highest degree of professionalism and excellence in the practice of family law.” The Illinois Chapter became the Academy’s first state chapter, and remains one of its most active.


Illinois Chapter Fellows advance the practice of matrimonial law among their peers by organizing and leading seminars and teaching continuing legal education classes. Fellows also commit to educating legislators at the state level, ensuring that the implementation of laws matches the intention behind them, and that laws affecting families are modified accordingly to reflect changes in society.


The Illinois Chapter’s Board of Managers and its officers assume a guiding role in upholding the Chapter’s principles and vision.

Board of Managers

James M. Quigley

Gunnar J. Gitlin
President Elect

Stuart G. Gelfman
First Vice President

Robert D. Segal
Second Vice President

Kimberly Cook
Third Vice President

Jeffrey W. Brend
National Delegate

Stephen Botti

A. Marcy Newman

Adam C. Kibort
Immediate Past President

Laura Ashmore
Past President

Term expiring October 2024

Paulette Gray
Vanessa Hammer
Robin Miller
Shana Vitek
Donna Farley

Term expiring October 2023

Kimberly Cook
Jennifer Fletchall
Matt Kirsh
Michael Koenigsberger
Alyssa Mogul

Term expiring October 2022

Lisa Nyuli
David Schaffer
Gary Schlesinger
Richard Zuckerman

Samuel Berger Award Winners

To honor the legacy of the late Samuel S. Berger, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recognizes attorneys and judges who exemplify the highest standards of integrity, courtesy, knowledge of family law and the extraordinary ability to solve human problems.

  • 2019 Richard Zuckerman
  • 2018 Hon. Pamela E. Loza
  • 2017 William J. Scott
  • 2016 Kathryn D. Farmer
  • 2015 Hon. Michele Lowrance
  • 2014 David H. Levy
  • 2013 Hon. Nancy J. Katz
  • 2012 Hon. Edward R. Jordan
  • 2011 Donald C. Schiller
  • 2010 Hon. William S. Boyd
  • 2009 Muller Davis
  • 2008 Joy Feinberg
  • 2007 Hon. Carole Bellows
  • 2006 H. Joseph Gitlin
  • 2005 Francis Corwin
  • 2004 Floyd Nadler
  • 2003 Justice Mary Anne McMorrow
  • 2002 Miles N. Beerman
  • 2001 Sanford Kirsh
  • 2000 Hon. Timothy Evans
  • 1999 Hon. Grace Dickler
  • 1998 James T. Friedman
  • 1997 F. Dennis France
  • 1996 Dr. Lyle Steven Joffe
  • 1995 Hon. Susan Snow
  • 1994 Hon. Jane D. Waller
  • 1993 Joseph N. DuCanto
  • 1992 F. Dennis France
  • 1991 Hon. Philip S. Lieb
  • 1990 Hon. Robert L. Hunter
  • 1989 Burton Terry